Too much silence is dangerous

the-3-monkeys “The silence and inactivity in the chamber makes people nervous. “(Steven Orfield)
"And you can't talk about it
Because you're following a code of silence
You're never gonna lose the anger
You just deal with it a different way
And you can't talk about it
And isn't that a kind of madness
To be living by a code of silence
When you've really got a lot to say"-Billy Joel (Album: Bridge)

.... there is a lot of noise inside us.This 'inner noise' has as many bad effects as the mechanical noise outside us. Silence does not mean things are fine. Those who fail to reveal their thoughts and feelings often experience stress, dissatisfaction, cynicism, and even depression. Certainly "silence is golden" at times.There are other times when silence is not "golden".There is no such “power” in silence when time comes to speak.Silence is not always problem-solving behavior. "If you're in a situation where this is true, sometimes you feel morally obligated to say "I disagree" and sign your name."- Edward Kiser


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