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Great thoughts from a small person!

Zia Hassan published this video last June, but it has just started to trend today. He met a nine year old boy and they discussed some philosophy about life, the universe, and what it’s all for anyways while chilling on the backyard patio.

"It's an endless quest without knowing what your quest is."
“Destiny being nothing more than a guess based on what it knows about you.....I felt that was the only really different or interesting perspective he had to offer. Everything else we've heard before a number of times, but that one gave me pause for a moment.”

He has a better understanding than more adults. He puts it in such a simple way that it makes you take a step back for a second because he's probably right.



9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe (video)


0 # sophia 2013-03-20 08:54
Everybody could learn something from this...good job kid! You are great.... :-)
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