I don't have time

"We live in a hurry, we eat in a hurry ,we love and sleep in a hurry. Between dawn and night is a marathon. The seasons pass us over…by the way,  has been fall for a while now. hurry Archstoyanie-festival-2012-Fast-Track-Salto-Architects-5 Years are going along with them…We consume our life in boring offices , in the tipically constant electronic noise of air conditions machines, closed up in our computers, hopping that they are our bridge toward the real world….
We dream on Google, we laugh on Facebook, we meet on mess.
We express our love in SMS and tease ourselves that we are happy.
We go to sleep with news and reality shows, we wake up with the illusion that is another day. We call the love ones in a hurry , maybe by reflex, just  to charge them and tell them  arrogantly that “I DON’T HAVE TIME ”.
Gossip, phone calls, impatience, struggle, deadline, escape…Escape? We run in a hurry towards a vacation .A week or two , just a break… Never detached , never relaxed…By the way,  when was the last time you  shut of your phone?.. Then we start all over again. From the beginning. Freak out, greedy, again in a hurry …Until the next break. And so on… Rigid like robots , prisoners in our own  lives. Just like we are about to loose the train. We carry a heavy load, misconceptions , obligations, relentless…Thinking with the speed of light . We loose the essence of life…just because we never have time.
We remember the title….but never the stories.
If you want to belong in this world, you need to keep up with it. This is the price that we all need to pay for it.
Sometimes I want  to claim my time back…. Just don’t have time to do that. Got to run …NOW!...somewhere , anywhere…because someone , sometimes could leave me behind…" - Author: unknown

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