Did you know: What if the Earth Stops Spinning

spinnig earth


First, let's assume the Earth stopped spinning gradually, as a sudden deceleration would mean disaster. Second, we'll suppose that Earth's ecosystems have survived the transition mostly intact. So what does this new world look like? For starters, Earth would now take a whole year to do what it pulls off in a day: cycle from night to day and back. Cities would spend half the year in darkness and half the year in full sunlight, just like the North and South Poles do today. And, like the poles, every region would still experience different seasons, but the temperature swings from season to season would be much greater for areas along the equator. Humans are an adapatable species with powerful technology at their disposal, but survival in this new environment would be a challenge..( http:// howstuffworks.com)

 What if the Earth Stops Spinning- video


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