The Atheism Tapes:Can an atheist be spiritual?

mcginn-clip-poster The Atheism Tapes
Colin McGinn
Sometimes America say :”So you don’t believe in God?” and I say “That’s right , I don’t believe in God?”
And they say: “So do you believe in anything?” and I say: “ I believe in many things” and I don’t make a jokes like “ I believe in tables and chairs”
I say “I believe in various ethical causes and political ideas and other aesthetics values, intellectual values , lot of things that I believe in.”
And they say: “That’s all you believe in?” “That’s all I believe in!”

“Don’t you believe in something godlike? You don’t believe in a traditional God. Don’t you believe there is SOMETHING there?” I say “No. There’s nothing there. It’s very difficult to get across to people who are religious that when you’re an atheist, you mean you don’t believe in anything like that whatsoever.
It’s not that you think nature is God,  or it doesn’t  have personal qualities or something like that. You don’t believe in anything of that type. Nothing supernatural, nothing miraculous, nothing superstitious. No ghosts, no telepathy, nothing of that kind.
That’s what it’s to do with. It’s not that I’m picking on God somehow- or picking on the Christian God and not believing in him. It’s just nothing of that type.
Spiritual….Can an atheist be spiritual? What exactly do they mean by that?
I guess it’s a matter of definition, really. You certainly can’t be if it denotes anything supernatural, but….”
The Atheism Tapes: Colin McGinn video

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