Teens and Age of the Hyperlink

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“Paper has dominated our culture for over a thousand years because it’s how we preserved our ideas and thus built a culture upon them. But, paper is a disconnected medium. It’s very difficult to go from a reference to the thing referred to. This has a profound effect on the shape of knowledge and, even more so, on the nature of authority. Since it is so difficult to see how a written idea came to be, we accept authorities as stopping points for inquiry. Hyperlinks let us embed the sources that support, amplify or contradict what we’ve just written.

That changes how we write, how we read and how we come to belief.”( David Weinberger)

“How would you describe the internet? Is it a vast series of tubes? A superhighway? An organism? Where this gets difficult is that sometimes we lean toward more static descriptions of the information channels, like "tubes" or "web", while other times choosing descriptions that focus on the activity of the web, like "superhighway."


"“vast conglomeration of madness and genius and a fine line in between”

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