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You need to understand that there are vast differences in the world about how people experience and react to the world. Your core beliefs come from your experience. They are the foundation of your personality and your character and will influence you for the rest of your life. What you believe directs your thoughts.
 Beliefs direct, generate, focus, and harness feelings. Your beliefs control how you experience and interact with the world. “Reality is what I believe it to be. There is no reality outside of myself.” Consider that what you see in the world around you are perceptions unique to you alone. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” can also mean “reality is in the eyes of the beholder.”
Everything you see is seen through your mind and your perceptions. All you see is filtered through your beliefs and that is what you see as reality.”(Wendy Hill)
The recognition of personal feelings and the working through of beliefs — all of this will expand your understanding of yourself. The experiences we have of life, the circumstances we find ourselves in and the results we achieve are all related to the beliefs that we adopt about ourselves. One of the most powerful needs people have is for their experience of the world to be consistent with what they believe. Everyone wants nothing more than to be right and will do whatever is necessary to make sure their beliefs coordinate with what is happening to them.  Your beliefs then are highly  important in the way in which you handle the power of personal action. The need to act and be in control of action is paramount in conscious beings.

These beliefs end up controlling how we evaluate ourselves in relation to the world. If you carry negative or conflicting beliefs you will automatically create a reality in direct response to these beliefs.
 We want to create consistency between our beliefs about the world and our lives. “You create your own reality.”- became the absolute rule. Other people say things are not their fault, that they are not the cause and are not responsible for it.But responsibility is power. Taking responsibility is taking control. Everyone has an internal map of reality and  these maps operate primarily unconsciously and on automatic. This map is creating life and experiences. “You are the creator of whatever happens to you. Whatever happens to you is coming from inside of you. Everything that is happening to you is being generated inside of yourself–even if you cannot see this. The key to a successful career and life is to stop resisting what is happening to you and start choosing what to believe about the world to create the life you want.” belief 5
”Beliefs are accepted initially from the parents. We can carry old beliefs from childhood that still affect us in the present even though we are not aware of them. Parents are simply people doing the best they can based on their own core beliefs. Sometimes they make mistakes. One of the reasons that you adopted negative belief was because you learned very early on that you could not trust yours parents in certain circumstances. This engendered a tremendous amount of distrust in you at a later age. The idea is that once you have freed yourself from being someone reacting to things your parents have done and said to you in the past, the more your own decisions are likely to be guided by what you choose to believe.. This is the same reason you are not reaching your full potential. Your beliefs about yourself are controlling what is happening to you.   “Throughout your life, you have been programmed by your parents, your friends, your siblings, and yourself. Programming occurs as a result of repeated actions or messages. This programming creates your beliefs, your beliefs guide your actions, and your actions create your reality.” (Anita Foley)
You have a child self within you. Your child self or inner child is all your memories,emotions, experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of being a fetus, infant, and child. No matter how long you live you will always have an inner child that influences you.
When you were a child you made decisions about yourself, others, and the nature of reality. These decisions became your core beliefs. During childhood your mind was in a state of receptivity and openness that you will never experience again. You learned at an escalated rate. You were highly influenced by all you experienced. You took things personally and literally. If your experience was positive you responded with positive, self-supporting beliefs. If it was negative you responded with negative, self-defeating beliefs. This condition of such openness continued in diminishing degrees until about the age of ten. The younger you were the more influenced you were. As you matured you became more objective. You developed skills and were more capable of making distinctions and seeing things from a broader perspective. Most of your core beliefs were formed between your experience as a fetus and age four. A core belief, however, can be established at any time in your childhood.
The younger you are and the more impacting the experience, the more likely it is that a core belief will result.
Negative programming results in detrimental beliefs and disappointing realities. Your perception of the world as an adult is quite different than as a child. As a child you are comparatively powerless and simply respond to your experience without conscious thought. By the time you are an adult you have developed many skills that give you power, control, mobility, and autonomy. Emotions serve as a glue that holds the belief in place.
Conflicting experiences in your childhood cause you to have conflicting beliefs about yourself. Emotions and actions develop into patterns that repeat over and over again. They become familiar and automatic to you. You develop patterns of thought, feeling, and action. A core belief can remain active even though it is no longer helpful or even valid. You are continually responding to your early life programming.
You need to manage your mind and understand how your beliefs about yourself, the world, and the people around you are controlling your destiny. Realizing this, you will understand that you are not at the mercy of a past over which you have no control. The repetition, verbally or mentally, is important because it activates biological patterns and reflects them. Inner channels must become re-patterned. There will be a feel to this that will serve as your own individual guideline.
A person who has hypnotized himself into a state of loneliness will be desolate although surrounded by a hundred friends and admirers. You are utterly convinced that you are sick, or poor, or lonely, or spiritually opaque, or unhappy. In those areas in which you are dissatisfied, you feel that you are powerless, or that your will is paralyzed, or that conditions continue despite what you think of as your intent. Yet if you pay attention to your own quite conscious thoughts, you will find that you are concentrating upon precisely those negative aspects that so appall you. You are hypnotizing yourself quite effectively and so reinforcing the situation. The same principles are operating. Your neurological structure will respond automatically.What should you do, then? The initiative must be yours. First of all, you must realize that you are the hypnotist. In those positive life situations you are certain of your initiative. There is no doubt. Your beliefs become reality. There is a definite correlation between what is called conditioning,and compulsive action. Your entire behavior pattern operates according to the strong hypnotic suggestions given, and then of course your appearance and experience always reinforce your belief.
 who are you Your beliefs, then, are like hypnotic focuses. You reinforce them constantly through the normal inner talking in which you all indulge.
Desire and belief are not united but apart. What is even more interesting is how we end up distorting reality to ensure that we make a belief seem true even if it is not. We actually make our worst fears come true by perceiving people and the world in such a way that these things do come true. You make your own reality. Your thoughts are reality. They directly affect you. You are a part of your environment. You form it. The sun makes you smile. The smiling of itself activates pleasant memories, neurological connections,
hormonal workings. It reminds you of your creaturehood. You learn through your creations. Mind utilizes the greatest sources of power and energy along with unlimited aspects of creativity, so that each physical day is indeed absolutely unique.
Focus of attention on positive aspects automatically pulls your energy away from the problem. It also builds up your own sense of worth and power as you are reminded of adequate performance at other levels of experience. Whenever you are trying to rid yourself of a dilemma, make sure that you do not concentrate your attention upon it instead. This acts to cut out other data, and to further intensify your focus upon your difficulty.
When you break that focus the problem is solved. You must, therefore, willingly suspend that belief. Huge energy blocks are moved. The use of your private energy brings you into intimate relationship with your own source of power. If you do not understand that you create your own reality,then you may assign all good results to a personified god, and need the existence of a devil to explain the undesirable reality. So churches as
they now exist in Western society need a devil as well as a god. Natural aggression is simply the power to act. Each of you must work from the point of your own reality. There is no other way. The exterior dimensions are replicas of interior personal ones. “You are the creator. You are the seer. You are the perceiver. You are the chooser. You are the doer. Your beliefs are so powerful that they attract people and circumstances that reflect what you believe.” (Wendy Hill)
 Whatever beliefs you accept, for whatever reasons,your point of power is in the present.
Finding your core beliefs is the key to transformation. You can transform negative selfdefeating beliefs into beliefs that support your life as an adult. You can identify patterns that undermine your well-being and transform them into patterns that create a better life.
By upgrading your core beliefs you can mature your feelings and reactions.




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