Why it is so hard to change

our brain Old habits die hard- polish proverb
"....the principal in neuroscience is this nerve cells that fire together wired together,
and as you begin to learn new information, you biologically wire that information into your cerebral architecture . So if learning is making new synaptic connections,then remembering is maintaining and sustaining those connections, and just like any relationship the more you communicate the more bounded you become, and neurons are exactly the same way. These neurons begin to fire in wired together they actually form networks what neuroscientists called neural networks

(.....) now the neuroscientific definition of mind is mind is the brain in action, mind is the brain at work, mind is what the brain does, and because we have a 100 billion neurons seamlessly piece together ,we can make the brain fire in different sequences, different patterns ,in different combinations, and whenever we make the brain work differently we're changing our mind.
Jungles of neurons begin to organize themselves into patterns the moment those neurons string into place the brain releases a chemical and that chemical is called a feeling or emotion."- Joe Dispenza


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