Our minds shape reality

your mind create your reality “Many realities hidden behind wall of perception.”
― Toba Beta
Take a minute to scan your surroundings.What you see? What are you feeling about?
 What is “man’s reality”?
Humans are complex beings but one way to understand ourselves and others is to realize that we are multidimensional beings, with many parts to each equation.
Starting in infancy, humans instinctively use their senses and minds to make "sense" of their local and larger worlds. "Reality" is our current perception of what is true or real.
The five senses make us feel that the world is real. Seeing the solidity of the objects around us, feeling the impact of the senses, it is hard to deny the validity of what we see. Everything looks real, and therfore, we never stop to question this reality.
The mind is attached to the five senses and accepts everything as real without questioning.

We need the five senses and the mind to be conscious of the world, which means that the world is dependent on them. Without the five senses and the mind, the world does not exist for us.
Reality is highly subjective, meaning that what we believe to be true becomes true in our minds. What is true for us, though, may be vastly different from how someone else perceives this same ‘reality.We create our own reality and see life in a very particular way.
When we make the connection between what we feel, what we think, what we believe within ourselves and what we are manifesting into our lives, we fully participate in creating our own reality.. Every day we reinvent our world – our perception. And this perception influences our imagination of our world.
What we choose to believe becomes our reality of our existence.
From the moment you entered this life, your subconscious mind has been busy collecting and processing information. Combined with your experiences, this information is used to create your beliefs about who you are as a person, and how you fit into the world around you.
Because these beliefs are based on your evaluation, and emotional conclusions of your personal experiences, they are accepted by your subconscious as being absolutely true. internal map2 Your subconscious mind then uses these personal “truths” to construct your personal version of the real world. Instinctively, your mind isn’t concerned about “absolute truths” about the universe – it just wants “truths” that help you function effectively throughout your immediate environment.
 You have a map of this reality. Your internal map of reality is your perception of the world around you and how you perceive yourself fitting into it. In addition, on a subconscious level you are so convinced that your map of reality is correct, you pull evidence from the outside world to validate it.  If your experiences led you to believe that you were unlovable, you will look for evidence to validate this and perhaps attract people to you who are incapable of loving. The way in which your map is constructed will determine many aspects of your life. We customize the facts to fit our map.
We create an emotional attachment to our map. It’s our personal version of what is real and we have a vested interest in verifying its accuracy. We want it to be real because it’s familiar, and that makes us feel safe and secure. This is why we are willing to distort, or even ignore, almost anything that might undermine our map. Despite our best efforts though, sometimes our map of reality comes unraveled. Usually this involves emotionally charged events that don’t fit the map, and can’t be ignored. For personal growth to occur, the map needs to be redrawn from time to time.
We will attract, and be attracted to, people who confirm our beliefs. This is why some people experience one bad relationship after another.
In some cases, a belief starts out much like a theory. Assumptions are made based on logical observations and deductions. In other cases, a new belief grows out of an emotional viewpoint that seems to be supported by logic. It’s the blending of these two major components that form the basic structure of our personal beliefs. Through the window of these beliefs, we try to make sense out of the things going on around us.
We are all individuals with different life experiences, different associations and different perceptions, and these all influence our personal viewpoint.  That is why two people can see or hear the exact same thing and be left with entirely different impressions of what they saw or heard.
We do not come into this life with brains which are some sort of preconstructed general processors. We handle information by reshaping ourselves to what we find when we actively engage what lies around us. Activities that you routinely perform are mapped and deeply engrained neuro-pathways are established.  After time, you engage in these activities without consciously processing information.
Our behavior is influenced through our perception of life … and we behave accordingly. And we rely on this perception, believing that it is reality.
Our thoughts and feelings determine our actions, and our actions shape our reality. Our perception has a great impact on our life and on our personal success. And under this perception we valuate things …. we valuate our surroundings.
As we travel further down the path of life experience,  we discover that often, reality is fluid. Why..? Because our reality consists of feelings, emotions, thoughts and points of view  only in our mind. In the reality of life, there are no feelings, emotion, thoughts or points of view. There is only the truth. What’s so is what’s so. This life is like that. The map helps us navigate through life, but it becomes problematic when we don't realize that it is only a map of reality - it is not "real" reality.
Many times, we may find ourselves on the wrong road in life’s journey and not know how we got there. We may have no clue as to how to get the things we want and need for a fulfilling life. We feel stuck. We all get caught up in our stories.
We know that the old map no longer serves us, and that the new one will. But this awareness requires the acknowledgment that we are not the map, and that we create the map based on past beliefs. There is a core aspect of our life that we want to change.Remember your internal map is not who you are, it is a tool that you have developed to assist you with navigating in the world. Updating our beliefs automatically changes our map. Redrawing sections of your internal map is a scary process. It might feel as if your entire world is falling apart. And in a way it is.  From your subconscious’ viewpoint the unknown is a dangerous place and it reacts in a way that is intended to protect you.  Feelings of discomfort, anxiousness, fear, and self-doubt are signs that your subconscious is trying to keep your map intact. The ways we may avoid include procrastination, stopping, doubting the value of new actions or insights, intellectualizing, not being willing to admit weakness or vulnerability, and being distracted. Some beliefs are easy to change, others may very deep rooted and may require a serious challenge while attempting to change them. Living beyond the map does not mean that we don’t have a map. It means that we choose to discover the details along the way, rather than try to fill them in ahead of time. It means approaching situations, people, and experiences with a sense of open curiosity. It means that we look for the treasures that are unfolding with each new day.
These perceptions of life, whether true or false, make you the person you believe you are. They give you your identity…. They make you who you think you are! Your mind is the ultimate frontier… your potential is probably yet unrealized.
Understanding reality is a big part of growing up. Find the realistic balance between the optimistic and pessimistic points of view. Seek out, carefully consider, and assimilate all the evidence. Life is not a bed of roses, and neither its all thorns. Life is a struggle.
Man’s reality is always personal and unique – it is how the world (including self) shows up for him.  Because man is his story.  And any threat to the story is a threat to man himself – his identity, his self. Learning to create a reality that empowers us, rather than limiting us, is certainly a powerful and advanced life skill. This skill, perhaps more than any other, has the ability to totally transform the quality of our lives.
Source: advancedlifeskills.com, wisdomforfutureleaders.org



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