Psychopaths among us

psychos in power Defense Against the Psychopath
A brief introduction to human predators
Copyright © 2011 by Stefan H. Verstappen
In the urban environment, criminals fulfill nature’s role of  predators. While the strategies criminals use vary widely, there is an important distinction between two types of criminal, the psychopathic, and the non-psychopathic. The non-psychopathic criminal is the type most familiar to the public. For these criminals, crime is a survival mechanism anthropologists call the Cheating Strategy
The Cheating Strategy simply refers to the advantage cheating provides in terms of survival.
However, man is a social animal and cheaters are seldom tolerated in a reciprocal society wherein everyone works together for common benefits a nd equal share in the fruits thereof.
Society evolved the institution of revenge and punishment as a counter to the cheating strategy. The cheating strategy is often used when people are at a disadvantage. Poverty, low intelligence, and poor education are the root causes of much criminal behavior. Most crime safety and self-defense literature focuses on this type of criminal activity, defense against a mugger, preventing theft, home defense and so forth. This type of crime is logical.
 One person has something another does not, and so the latter cheats to acquire it. Another type of criminal behavior committed by non-psychopaths are crimes of passion. These acts of violence stem from emotional turmoil and our primitive instincts. Many otherwise average people are capable of committing assault, rape, and murder in the heat of passion especially if fueled by drugs and alcohol. While the acts they commit are pathological, they are not them selves necessarily psychopaths.

The psychopath can also assault, rape, and murder, but it is seldom a crime of passion. It is instead a cold and calculated plan to gain what the psychopath wants. Defense against the psychopat(video)
Psychopathy infects the full spectrum of humanity irrespective of race, culture , geography, economic class or personality type. It is distributed in a population in a similar  way that left-handedness is. Most people think of a psychopath as a rare creature found only in the lowest levels of society. However, the reverse is true. They are not rare, but actually quite common, and you are more likely to find psychopaths in the boardroom than on the wrong side of the tracks. The reason is that the more competitive a particular environment is, the more ruthless the use of the Cheating Strategy becomes. Within the highest circles of power and wealth, a lack of pity and remorse is practically a prerequisite to success, and only the psychopathic mentality can thrive.
Because of the tremendous destruction psychopaths reap on society, it is vital for everyone to be aware of their existence and to recognize their behavior traits. Understanding them is the first step to defending oneself against them.
Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary excerpted from chapter one of my book; The Art of Urban Survival. Teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators, psychopaths.
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