Mirror, mirror on the wall

mirror-reflection Mirrors were considered by some to be a reflection of the soul, and a mirror might trap a soul, causing death. Our relationship with mirrors is a complicated one. On the simplest level, we use our reflections to groom ourselves. Self-care is an important piece of good psychological and physical well-being. Of course, if we overdo our preoccupation with our images, we cross a line into self-absorption. The Greek philosopher Socrates' belief that we cannot truly know or appreciate others until we get to know ourselves. It is easier to think that a friend is lazy than to accept we are lazy ourselves. We may even assume that another person is lazy even if there is no objective evidence for that.
The choices people make in life actually reflect how they are, what they want, what they love or hate at themselves. In human relationships of any kind, people who are similar to each other meet and yet, the first feeling they inspire is dislike or rejection. Have you ever wondered why a person totally unknown inspires an instant attraction, or a total rejection? All around us there are people we find either fun, or boring, nice or annoying, people that make us want to hit them and people that make us want to hugh them. We hate, we love, we reject, we attract. Theory tells us that the relationships between people are a mirror reflection of what they actually are. Why?

Psychologists have concluded that there are several types of mirrors, depending on the nature of the relationship two people have. There are mirrors that help a man to evolve, or mirrors that destroy or make a man to stagnate. Others only help in the beginning, then they produce stagnation or destruction. Depending on the nature of the relationship and on the way the relationship moves forward, the mirrors are changing. And the mirror of the man next a person reflects the way the latter is. There are traits that come to surface only when one binds a certain relationship with another one. Another interesting point of mirroring is how people are guided in selecting partners with whom they will form a relationship.
Often we develop a negative attitude towards a person because that person reflects a certain aspect we reject in ourselves. We judge others based on what we are, how much we like it or not,what we think, the expectations we have of ourselves.
Throughout life, human mind retains experiences, thoughts, traits, images or feelings, which, although not always projected in the real plan, they rise to the surface when they re-enact. The ability of the subconscious mind to retain on the long term is fascinating, and even if people do not remember certain things, the mind is careful to remind us whenever a similar situation strikes again. That’s why other people express and show us what to look for in ourselves. However, some experts say that all mirrors help a person to evolve, because people always have something to learn from unpleasant experiences.
We choose our life partner and looking for love according to this criteria. Because our choices are subjective ... We are really a mirror that reflects others. Others are a mirror in which we reflect on our turn. We establish relationships with others by mirroring what we need.
“The beliefs and resulting feelings you have, whether conscious or suppressed and denied, map out the course of your life. This includes the relationships you find yourself attracting into your life. Can you look back at some of your most significant relationships and see patterns? Many times we attract the same type of person over and over again because of our unconscious need to work out past emotional issues. Each person serves as a mirror, a reflection of the energy we emit into the world. Until we become spiritually and emotionally (fully) conscious, we will attract conditions that feel familiar, even if they are destructive to ourselves. The key is to recognize the lessons that the situations of our life are mirroring to us, so we can become conscious of our hidden erroneous beliefs and feelings, primarily about ourselves, and then move forward from that stage. Criticism and gossip is nearly always a projection of suppressed guilt or shame. Therefore it very often occurs that one is criticized and that criticism is not accurate. Maybe the criticism is too generalized, maybe it is partly true and partly false, or maybe completely wrong but rather it's how the other person sees things through a fixed idea of their own (such as resulting from justifications of their own actions) “(Peter Shepherd) reflection The mirror shows us the reality of our own needs and requirements. Sometimes what we see in the mirror is contrary to what we want.We are imperfect through our human nature itself. If we were perfect, we would always be self-sufficient and wouldn't need each other. Thus, a destructive mirror helps the man to discover himself, to see what’s he capable of and how he can try to correct or control that trait. And even though logically it would mean to not choose the destructive mirrors because they put a severe mark on a person, in reality the vast majority of people choose them. They make this choice not only in couple relations, but also in friendship relations, although they know that these relationships are not doing any good to them, they continue to maintain them, fully aware of the effects the mirrors will have on them. The worst thing of all is that after they have met a mirror that pulls them down, people are having a hard time in breaking away from that relationship. In fact, we are all someone's mirror. Attract and reject people. And mirrors showing us the imperfection of our relationships. This functions after the principle: opposite poles attract each other. The regressive mirror attracts as a magnet and creates an addiction increasingly greater as the relationship evolves.
A particular case, very difficult to treat, is the relationship with parents. When this relationship is a destructive one and spreads around only misery and negative emotions, ideally it would be to cut off all the ties. But a destructive mirror with a parent is very hard to break, due to the profound ties and implications that link a child to a parent. The most interesting question arises: why do people seek elsewhere what they want to be, why do they hate a person because that person reflects the bad parts of them? It is much easier for a man to accept the person next to him as she is, but first of all to accept his own, true self. To see his good, but also bad sides, and in time to correct what is negative, selfish and evil in him. What you focus on, even subconsciously, you create.



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