Parents by instinct


Maybe some of the instincts are wrong.......

"What makes 11 year-old Evan lie, fight and steal? And what leads his parents to heap verbal abuse on their son, to tell him, 'I would like to lock you up in a cage and let everybody look at you like you're an animal'? For 14 weeks a Canadian family with a troubled son allowed cameras to record their home life. Cameras reveal that the trouble with Evan has a lot to do with the troubled lives of his parents. Evan's experience is placed alongside the life stories of young offenders and drug addicts in the Portage Correctional Centre, whose personal histories are similar to Evan's.”
Highly recommend. For parents! Parenting isn't just a job; it's a lifelong commitment. Guiding children's behavior through rules and limits is a big part of parenting. If you want to change someone else's behavior, the best place to start is by changing yours.

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