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A teenage story

teenage "I have a rebellious attitude and every time my parents tell me I do, it makes me even more rebellious.”
When asked about a rule, most parents never explain the reason for it. “Because I said so, that is why!” Many times parents don’t even know why they have that rule. Their parents had that rule, and if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for their kids.
Adolescence is a time for testing out independence and teenagers will do that by trying to push every limit and boundary a parent has set.They may experiment with different roles, behaviours, and ideologies as part of their process of developing an identity."Your teenagers are a wonder. Your son comprehends logarithms and trigonometry. Your daughter's reflexes on the soccer field are nothing short of amazing. He understands your computer better than you do, and she can explain the difference between socialism and communism. Both of them are intelligent, coordinated, and perceptive. What’s more, researchers have shown that teens consistently match their elders when it comes to risk assessment; your teens are just as capable as you of recognizing what constitutes danger."
"This isnt about making the faults of teenagers glossy, shiny and without consequence.
This isnt about condemning the way teenagers live.
This is a reflection of my years of being a teenager. The best and worst years of your life.
Music: timshel by mumford and sons and they own all the copyright." Streetlight Diaries - A teenage story(video)


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