What Darwin Never Knew

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Darwin's theory of evolution, his account of why species adapt and change, has been called the best idea anyone ever had. But even Darwin admitted that his work was incomplete. Vast questions were still unanswered. And the biggest question was, "How?" How did evolution take place?
” He didn't know any of the mechanics of that process. He didn't understand the physical forces that would actually change the way species appeared.”( SEAN B. CARROLL (University of Wisconsin–Madison/Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
But today we can answer the questions that Darwin could not. We can look under the hood of evolution, and see exactly how this mysterious process gives rise to such astounding diversity.
” What's incredible about this timing, from a scientific perspective, is we're going to be able to understand that diversity. And that just adds to the excitement. It doesn't demystify it, it makes it all the more magical.” CLIFF TABIN (Harvard Medical School).
This is the magic and mystery of evolution: over eons of time a single species gives rise to many. An ancient fish evolves to become the ancestor of all four-limbed animals, even us. And one species, our own, develops a large and uniquely complex brain, enabling us to dominate the planet.

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