Anxiety and Panic Free

AnxietyDisorder1 AT LAST A LIFE

 By Paul David

 Copyright © Paul David 2006

 This book is for all of you who are suffering from some aspect of anxiety and panic, something I believe the medical world should have a better understanding of than at present. In my opinion, too much needless suffering is caused through ignorance of the subject and a lack of helpful information when we first seek help.
I am not condemning the medical profession, but I believe that anxiety really is a specialised subject and, as I discovered, not enough people are sufficiently qualified or equippe d to help. I would like to thank my partner for helping me to achieve my goal of helping others. When I left my job, she never complained but just told me to follow what I believed in. She has been with me every step of the way and I thank her for that.

More than anyone, I thank my mother who suffered with me through those ten years. She was the only person I felt I could turn to in my darkest days; the only person I knew would not judge me. She never told me to pull myself together ; she just listened, atached the tears of frustration and never once gave me anything but support.


My story...This was the beginning of ten years of anxiety!
We can all experience anxiety at some point in our lives. There is a whole new range of stresses on society today  finding the money to pay the mortgage, stress at work, an up and coming event   all of these things can contribute towards making us feel anxious and stressed. A certain amount of stress is only natural.
The problems arise when it is continuous and our mind and body never get a rest from this endless onslaught of worry, which in turn can cause our nerves to become ensitised. Sensitisation of your nerves means that they become easily triggered and the slightest thing   something as simple as a neighbour approaching to chat  may bring a rush of panic.

The weeks/months of worry and stress have caused your nerves to constantly vibrate or become ‘bad’ and this can create feelings of anxiety for no real reasonMy first encounter with anxiety happened when I was 22 years old. I was young and, I suppose, naive and I starte d to dabble in soft drugs   nothing too heavy, I was just taking them socially and thought I was doing myself no harm until I started to see  changes in my personality that I did not like. I would feel as though I was somewhere else. I did not want to talk to people and felt depressed for no reason, but the thing that scared me most was I started to panic. My whole body would shake and my heart would  beat so fast, I was scared I was dying. This was the beginning of ten years of anxiety!
It was at this point that I did what most people do and went to see my doctor.
The doctor just seemed to stare at me with a blank expression on his face, wondering why I was so agitated and talking so fast. I decided that if the doctor did not know, it must be something very serious. This was the beginning of my long journey, during which time I spent months being shifted from one doctor to the next and one therapist to another. The only thing I knew for sure was that as the years passed I was getting worse not better. I constantly asked myself the question “When will somebody finally be able totell me what’s wrong with me?”
This went on for ten years   yes, ten years. Most of my family did not understand why I had changed from being a confident person into someone who they hardly recognised. How could they know what was wrong with me when even I didn’t know?
I am sure that some of you reading this will have experienced the same personality disintegration as I did. Some of the most common symptoms I suffered are listed below:
1. Feeling strange, unreal, not with it.
2. Depression.
3. Shaking hands.
4. Fast heartbeat.
5. No interest in anything.
6. Tired and weary.
7. Disconnected
8. Irritable.
9. Mind constantly racing
I had many more, but these were the most common symptoms. Anxiety-Disorder
 could have saved myself ten years of suffering if only I had been given the right advice from the very beginning and an explanation  as to why I felt the way I did. Now I can explain every one of these symptoms away as ’Anxiety’
I will try to explain to you why you feel like you do and reassure you that you are not going crazy, but feel no different from the many thousands, if not millions of others who
are experiencing the same symptoms and thinking that they are the only person in the world who feels like this.
Recovery is different for each individual. People who have suffered for a long period of  time can be more entrenched in an anxiety habit than someone who has suffered over a shorter time period. A person who suffers from panic attacks, depersonalisation and anxiety may take longer to recover than someone who just suffers mild panic or anxiety. If only I had known what I know now when I first became anxious, my recovery would have happened far sooner. No matter what level of anxiety or panic you have r
eached, full recovery is possible for everyone .
If anyone should know that, it is me. I suffered from every symptom of stress and anxiety and I struggled with them for 10 years. I tried method after method and medication after medication, only to get nowhere. I felt like I was just going round in circles from one disappointment to another. It was only after I learnt about anxiety and panic and put this knowledge into practice, that I was able to lead my self back to a life free from stress, panic and anxiety.


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