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Nobody knows the future

Human beings have no pre-established nature or essence or goal for their lives but individuals must create meaningful lives for themselves by making active choices and by taking full responsibility for those choices. Human beings exist, and self-expression is the quintessential pursuit of human existence.. „Life is not intrinsically good, bad, evil, beautiful or ugly. Every moment of our life is as beautiful or as ugly as I choose to perceive it. Nobody knows the future. By definition, the future does not yet exist. We cannot change either the past or the future. We can try to anticipate future events. We can only attempt to mold the future by acting upon the present moment when we actually perceive the present moment. The past is dead and nothing can change it.
The future does not exist. The only action open to us is to try to anticipate future events by reference to the potential repeatability of past events, and then to attempt to mold the future to our desires. The future is inherently unpredictable. We exist in and we are part of the flow of time.”.( Gregory Spohr)
Some persons may refer to a rational worldview, free from gods. The difference between a faith-based belief system and a rational philosophy of life rests in the rejection of illusions. The conflict between rationality and emotionality is at the base of the conflict between science and religion. Our misalignment with reality causes all problems in our life. Religion charges persons with imagined sins; it burdens people with guilt,fear and superstition. „Religion is a psychological expedient that religious persons rely on in order to avoid having to deal with objective reality in a truthful and effective manner. There is no difference between a mind-distorting drug like alcohol or cocaine and the distortions of reality created by religion or mysticism. Mind distorting drugs, including religion, always result in our misalignment with objective reality and the inevitable misallocation of our limited resources.”( Gregory Spohr) Humanists proclaim the inherent dignity of man.
All humans live their lives day by day and  try and find a way to create their own reason for existing. Maybe life is a habit but is a good habbit. To seek happiness as a goal or standard is to set oneself.

.„The struggle between happiness and unhappiness is the story of human existence. The struggle between peace and war is the history of the human race. The power that leads us to eternal victory amid these struggles is the power of good within us. Life is a struggle, and ultimate victory is only decided in its final chapter. That is why it's important not to become intoxicated by one's success or become disheartened in defeat.”
Daily personal struggle of existence mean struggle with ourselves and is a constant tendency to advance toward our dreams..I don't think anyone should be discouraged by it. But if we place our hopes in pleasures that are beyond our control, we will inevitably be frustrated and unhappy. Progress is a matter of learning.
The total sum of a person’s life efforts may seem pointless.  Albert Camus called this the absurdity of life. Sisyphus represents the overwhelming struggle that we each have in overcoming a pointless life. Chariots of Fire-Vangelis(click here)
Is human existence pointless? Any existence could be pointless if you allow it to be. Depends on perspective, the position in which we find ourselves  Human existence has a form of value to it and the value of human existence has it for the current time.The purpose of life is not to judge it but to live it: here and now because life is an process of growth and you don’t have all  the answers. It's about pro-creating. Maybe for some of us god is in heaven but the life is here on Earth and is a daily fact,and God forgot this. Philosophers are not the only ones interested in questions about life’s meaning.We also are.Truth is relative ,undestanding is limitated but, we must search and find our truth even if many of life’s specific tasks certainly feel futile.
Allow yourself to enter into the moments of anguish, depression, failure, and grief. You do not need to be "sorry" for being who you are, or for needing more time when you are struggling with your „incompetence”.We are not saints!And maybe our life is not perfect.
No one can live without experiencing some degree of stress all the time. Today we have specific concerns– relationship issues, alcohol dependence , drugs, violence but this is not a reason to give up or blame the world and consider the world unhappy and unsafe. If we cannot accept who we are, we cannot expect others to do so. If God has problems with his own philosophy in order to corect it, he created the free will. "The futile attempt to achieve our objectives in life by using religion and prayer, results in the inefficient use of our limited physiological and psychological resources."
Then we shall continue to find our own truth and purpose. By realizing how we are responding, we can make explicit choices. Decisions are not without stress and consequences.  See where you can simplify. Work hard is easy as long as you love  what you are doing   Pushing yourself  it’s a must in order to go trough life We create our own purpose in life, according to our views, faith, knowledge.
„However, it is important for our well-being that we make ourselves aware of all facts that are available to us. The clarity of our perspective depends on our ability to perceive, store, retain and interpret all information available to us, on our intelligence.” The essence of the story is that we should learn to accept the life and the experience of being alive without fear ,being rational and  intelligent. Here and now!!!



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I do agree with all of the concepts you've presented on your post.
They're very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are
very quick for novices. May you please extend them a little from next time?
Thanks for the post.
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