The addiction to idealism

cpt Jack Sparrow

We all need a little idealism..."everthing is love" but....
"Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism." - Carl Jung. People who project their inner fantasies onto the outer world constantly risk disillusionment. Sooner or later, their dreams will be tested by reality. Idealism is the despot of thought."Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. Idealism can reflect the best of our love, our dreams and our compassion. Yet such optimism is often a response to our suffering, reflecting our desire to live a life that makes sense. But idealism can motivate people to ignore their intuition, feelings and intelligence.Rigid idealism might motivate you to take extreme risks (or to remain passive and not take the initiative when needed) out of an attitude that "the universe WILL support me" or "God won't let that happen". Some people want to feel supported by life but don't know how to cope with it. What consequences do they face?

"To sacrifice the present for the future is to be trapped into death.
The idealist mind goes on preparing for something that never happens. It is a nightmare. It goes on preparing and preparing – infinite preparations for a journey that never starts. It goes on planning in a thousand and one ways – subtle, cunning, clever – but the whole thing is pointless, because each moment it is denying life. Never try to be perfect, otherwise you will be caught in a dead routine – preparing and preparing.
You can watch yourself, you can watch others. People who have become addicted with idealism live a life of ritual, of empty gestures. They are always waiting: some great thing is going to happen. It never happens of course, because it cannot happen that way.So they make a life of routine, dead routine.They move like dead corpses – waiting and waiting and waiting. And every day they know death is coming near: they become more and more desperate.Their whole life will turn into a mechanical routine.
Life is spontaneous. Be available to this moment.  Allow this moment to lead you. Don’t plan for it.
Otherwise you will live in empty gestures, obsessed with a dead routine, just thinking as if’... if you plan your life completely, some day or other the great happening is going to result. Drop your search for meaning, because that search either will destroy your whole life and you will live in misery, or, one day if you become aware, then another anguish will surround you – the anguish of meaninglessness.
Are you aware that you are also more or less obsessed with a dead routine?  Why are people so obsessed with a dead routine? They are so obsessed with a dead routine because if the chain of their routine is broken, suddenly, underneath they see a futile life, a useless life, a meaningless life.
Somehow they are trying to give it a feeling of meaning, an aroma of meaning. Somehow they are trying to forget that they are living uselessly, that they are not living at all. A dead routine gives the feeling that everything is perfectly
right. Underneath, everything is in chaos. They are missing life. Idealism, to me, means living for some ideal to be fulfilled in the future. Future is not part of time; it is only part of desire. If you are missing the now, you are committing suicide.
It is not that life is not happening; it is that you are missing it. It is a simple fact. I am not talking philosophy. It is a simple statement of a fact. Right now look! What are you missing?"(Osho)




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